Russian Language

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The Russian Cultural Centre in Colombo provides Russian language classes at all levels from elementary to advanced.

The aim of Russian language courses is to form alanguage competence for effective intercultural communication.

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At an interactive Russian language class
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Celebrating the Russian language Day

Russian Language Methodological Centre

Visitors to the Russian Center of Science and Culture have the opportunity to get acquainted with the materials of a methodological studies in teaching Russian language.

The purpose of the methodological work: 

  • to improve the level of teaching skills and methodology of teachers, 
  • to improve teachers' competence in the field of the subject.

Methodical work objectives:

  • technical assistence in differentiation and individualization of the educational process through the introduction and use of new educational technologies;
  • technical assistence in substantive and methodological studies;
  • to enhance skills of teachers;
  • to foster increasing creativity of students.

Teachers and students can use instructional literature nad audio recordings.

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Russian language teachers of the Russian Centre, University of Kelaniya and Balangoda school