Admission to Russian universities and Russian state scholarships for current academic year

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The Ministry of Foreign Affair, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education ( of the Russian Federation and Rossotrudnichestvo are directly involved in the planning, organization and realization of the selection.

The selection is carried out in two stages:

  • the first stage of selection is carried out by the Russian foreign institutions in foreign countries
  • the second stage of selection is carried out by the Russian educational organizations, that are ready to take on the training foreign nationals, chosen among the candidates in the first phase.

The first stage involves:

  • gathering information on foreign nationals wishing to study in the Russian educational institutions

Russian foreign institutions perform the selection in a foreign country with the use of electronic forms of documents collection They assist foreign citizens in providing information and consulting support for selection and admission issues.

A foreign citizen should register in to pass the selection procedure whether he or she plans to study at the expense of federal budget allocations in accordance with the established quota of the Russian Federation Government, or if he or she study the expense of individuals and legal entities in accordance with the agreements for the provision of paid educational services.

To be invited for academic competitions, a foreign citizen should only fill in a form correctly, submit passport scan completed form for review.

Russian overseas institutions consider received forms timely through In the case of errors, they return a form to the foreign citizen registered in this system, to correct indicated comments.

  •  competitive selection

Russian overseas institutions  based a working group in order to organize competitive selection . The group representatives promptly notify foreign nationals via about date, time, place and circumstances of competitive selection.

Foreign nationals applying for training in the field (areas of speciality, profession) which presence of certain creative abilities, physical and (or) psychological qualities, must pass additional admission tests of creative and (or) professional orientation, which are held by Russian educational institutions on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Russian foreign institutions publish the competitions results on, notify foreign nationals on those results and create a list of candidates. Foreign citizens included in the list of candidates in write a profile and sends it for review. All profiles are considered timely by Russian foreign-based institutions. Based on the competion results and Russian overseas institutions make a new candidate list and sent it to the main office of Rossotrudnichestvo and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

The second stage

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation considers the submitted list of candidates and profile information for compliance with statutory requirements. The Ministry informs the Russian educational organizations, ready to take on the training of foreign nationals, about candidates.

If a candidate does not master the required level of the Russian language, the Ministry send him or her to pre-university courses.

Russian educational institutions forms on the results of the selection candidate lists of two types: a list of candidates selected for training on the basic professional educational programs and the second list of candidates recommended for study on pre-university courses.

These lists are sent to the Ministry of Education that directs a foreign citizen to the Russian training educational organization, which in the candidate profile has a smaller sequence number of the number of organizations selected to such a citizen training.

The results of the second selection stage are sent to the main office of Rossotrudnichestvo. Then, Rossotrudnichestvo reports the results to overseas offices in order they can inform candidates via

Russian foreign institutions interact with the candidates selected for training educational institutions on the issues of entry into the territory of the Russian Federation and the arrival to the relevant educational organizations.