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Ballet Studio

The main purpose of the Ballet Studio at the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Colombo is to uphold the traditions of Russian classical ballet and introduce this tradition to children and adolescents. Classes are held according to appropriate training programs.

The Ballet Studio improves posture, physical fitness, flexibility, coordination, concentration and ability to control one’s body. Children receive comprehensive aesthetic education, reveal their artistic talents and learn about the traditions of the fine art of ballet.

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Music School

The Music School the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Colombo is training children and adults singing, playing the piano, violin and guitar.

An individual approach is provided to every student to reveal their abilities and make studies more effective.

Courses are arranged according to different levels of training from basic to advanced.

Annual concerts, performances and competitions are conducted by the Russain Music School.

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Russian School of Art

The School of Art at the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Colombo educates children and adults. The purpose of the studio is to contribute into the creativity of every personality, revealing talent and developing skills.

Experienced artists teach various techniques of painting and drawing, show and explain how to use visual materials and create compositions.

Students of the School of Art take part in exhibitions and competitions on the regular basis.

The School offers a wide range of educational programs of artistic creativity such as:

  • Fine and applied arts,
  • Drama and Puppet Theatre,
  • Literary reading and performance.


  • to reveal and develop individual talents of the student,
  • to contribute into development of basic mental processes (perception, memory, attention, observation, imagination, imagination, sense of rhythm, stage presence),
  • to develop apparatus and plastic movement,
  • to foster a sense of collective responsibility.
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Chess Club

The Chess Club named after Anatoly Karpov at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture for over 20 years has been very famous for chess classes in Colombo and presided over by the ten-times National champion of Sri Lanka in chess Mrs. Suneetha Wijesuriya.

Chess is an ancient game that challange minds.

Chess competitions at various levels are regularly conducted by the Chess Club named after Anatoly Karpov.